Useful Information

Tipping & VAT (Value Added Tax)

Tipping is not regular practice in Korea.
Value-added Tax and service charges are usually included in the consumer price. However, some hotels and luxurious restaurants may not be inclusive of service charges and VATs.


Voltage: 220V
The outlet has 2 round holes and also used in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey and many other countries.
In case you don't have multi-adapter, you can buy one at the airport/the duty free shops/convenience stores or borrow from the hotel's front desk.

Emergency & Useful Contacts in Korea

Emergency calls (24 hours)
- Police: 112
- Fire & Ambulance: 119
- Emergency Medical Information Center: 1339
- Local Telephone Number Guide: 114

For visitors from overseas
- Seoul's Dasan 120 Call Center: 120 (for foreign language: 09:00-19:00)
- Seoul Global Center: 1688-0120 (09:00-18:00, weekdays only)
- Korean Tourism Organization Information: 1330 (24 hours)